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Coloring Book PREORDER

Coloring Book PREORDER


This is the preorder for my Zodiac coloring book. Please make sure to read this description in its entirety so you know when this will be mailed to you.

I have decided to charge the full price for the preorder . However, as a thank you I will be including a set of your choice of zodiac stickers with each order. So in addition to the coloring book you will get 2 vinyl die cut stickers. This is a $8 value.

Some signs are not colored yet which means they are not currently available as stickers. If you are interested in these ones I have included them as an option. Please keep in mind that these options may delay your order going out or you may receive two separate shipments depending on when these are complete and ordered. as stickers and when the coloring book arrives. I will do my best to get these out at the same time.

My goal is to order these in July, once all the line work is perfected, and ship out end of July or August depending on printing turn around. The current images are the first draft of the characters or the base lining as labeled.

Coloring Book $30 Free Shipping

Total pages will be 24 one sided pieces and a swatch page to test your coloring materials for those who like markers.

My website is currently set up for US shipping only. If you are out of the country and interested please message me so I can look into shipping.

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